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Last updateWed, 29 May 2024 2pm

CMS40 - The Advanced Brick Façade System

w9B4bGHIn conjunction with industry leaders Cladmate, FabSpeed has co-produced the CMS40 Facade System. CMS40 uses mechanically fixed non-combustible brick slips, in a lightweight, easy-to-install cost-effective product. Suitable for volume high or low-rise applications, newbuilds or retrofit projects, internal and external use, CMS40 fuses traditional brickwork façade aesthetics with the latest advanced rainscreen cladding systems. Speak to FabSpeed today.

Features & Benefits

  • Aesthetics and durability to match traditional brickwork.
  • Suitable for volume low-rise housing and high-rise projects.
  • Can be used on existing buildings for refurb or retrofit, whilst also suitable for new builds.
  • Can be specified for internal and external walls.
  • A wide selection of clay brick slips of varying textures, styles and colours can be used.
  • Suitable for non-standard and imperial brick sizes.
  • Good thermal and acoustic properties can be achieved.
  • The clay brick facade and aluminum bracket system offer an A1 non-combustible rating.

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1y24F5sQuick, easy to install and safe

Cladmate Facade System’s cladding product uses mechanically fixed non-combustible brick slips, in a lightweight, easy-to-install cost-effective product. Suitable for facade designs where A1 components are required.

This system is compatible with a wealth of manufacturers’ clay brick products.

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The Versatile Choice

CMS40 is suitable to be faced with a wide variety of beautiful clay brick slip products from Michelmersh's core range. FabSpeed's team of skilled craftspeople are also happy to produce slips from a wide variety of manufacturers' clay products. To achieve your desired aesthetics or for further information, regarding the specification of Cladmate's CMS40 facade system cladding product please contact FabSpeed.

AKSVkrMModern Methods of Construction and Sustainability

Modern construction requires efficient solutions to complex masonry designs. FabSpeed offsite brickwork and masonry prefabrication solutions deliver onsite productivity and cost advantages. FabSpeed's products and services can cover a wide range of technical design challenges or installations, so please don't hesitate to contact us with your design today!

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Urban mining is an emerging practice that can help the built environment sector address some of its greatest sustainability challenges.

We’ve explored the exciting opportunities presented by this circular approach to design and construction in a new post on Sustainable Brick.

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