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Last updateWed, 29 May 2024 2pm

New City Trade Skills partners with Segen offering cutting-edge renewables courses

SegenxNCC 1 003New City Trade Skills, part of New City College Group, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Segen Ltd, a leading provider of renewable energy solutions, to offer a range of innovative courses in the field of renewable energy. This collaboration aims to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the growing renewable energy industry.

With the increasing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources, the need for skilled professionals in the renewable energy sector has never been greater.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with New City College to offer these exciting renewable energy courses to both existing and new Segen customers," said Paul Gregory, UK Business Development Director at Segen Ltd. "This partnership will provide opportunities to acquire the skills and expertise required to excel in the renewable energy industry. We believe that by investing in education and training, we can contribute to the growth and sustainability of the renewable energy sector."

SegenxNCC 2 002Training will take place at New City College’s Rainham Construction and Engineering and Hackney campuses, where New City Trade Skills has already launched two renewable energy labs. Complete with cutting edge technology, both labs provide training in installation, maintenance and retrofit in green energy solutions.

MCS, the standards body for the low carbon energy industry, were instrumental in the design schematics for the training labs, providing the assurance that they meet industry needs. They were pleased to endorse the new partnership and training facilities, stating that it sets New City Trade Skills apart from most training in the country.

“Training and qualifications underpin quality installations we certify, and gold standard facilities such as NCC underpin the delivery of those qualifications,” said Dan White, Market Development Director at MCS. “It is great to see Segen partnering with NCC, by reaching into Further Education they are helping to ensure that industry has the skills to underpin the growth we are all looking to support.”

SegenxNCC 3 002The centres at Hackney and Rainham will provide huge benefits to learners, employers and the future workforce. Fostering talent and supporting the development of a skilled workforce in this critical industry is essential in achieving net zero targets and a global transition to green energy.

By partnering with Segen Ltd., New City Trade Skills aims to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the education sector, ensuring that individuals are prepared for the challenges and opportunities in the renewable energy field.

“New City College's partnership with Segen is a superb example of a college working with an industry leader to deliver the skills and qualifications needed in the workforce now and in the future," said Gerry McDonald, Group Principal and CEO at New City College. "Through the scale and impact of this training programme, Segen and New City College will show the true value of effective, industry-led training with great potential to positively influence skills policy."

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