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Last updateWed, 29 May 2024 2pm

GSHPA spearhead groundbreaking drilling standard and audit

andreasmileMCS and the GSHPA have combined their resources and expertise to pioneer a ground breaking Drilling Standard tailored specifically for the Ground Source sector.

In a concerted effort to improve industry excellence and bolster customer trust, an associated, industry-specific Drilling Audit has been meticulously crafted and is now readily available for registration by drilling companies. This comprehensive audit is designed to showcase competence and instil confidence among consumers.

Conducted by the highly skilled and experienced Landdrilling NVQ Ltd, these audits offer a rigorous evaluation of the Lead Driller and drilling equipment to ensure adherence to the highest standards within the sector. This initiative not only raises the bar for industry performance but also fosters a culture of accountability and proficiency.

Pricing Structure: GSHPA Members: £495 + VAT Non-GSHPA Members: £750 + VAT

"This initiative marks a pivotal moment in our commitment to quality and customer assurance within the Ground Source sector," stated Andrea Ellison (pictured) Chair of the GSHPA Drillers Working Group and GSHPA Director. "We believe these standards and audits will not only elevate industry benchmarks but also empower drilling companies to showcase their dedication to excellence."

For registration or further information, interested parties can contact the GSHPA via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

This collaboration between MCS, GSHPA, and Landdrilling NVQ underscores a collective dedication to fostering best practices, ensuring credibility, and driving continuous improvement within the Ground Source sector.