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Last updateWed, 29 May 2024 2pm

Five benefits of using water bowsers on site

2SlBjAFPortable water tanks are the perfect solution for managing on-site water requirements. With Garic's broad selection of water storage solutions, you can efficiently and conveniently store water on-site. Static or mobile, Garic has the ideal solution to fulfil the specific needs of your site. Here are five key benefits of using water bowsers on-site:

Ensuring compliance

Current health and safety legislation requires that all work sites provide site water and washing facilities. In response to this, Garic has developed a range of water storage solutions, built to exacting ISO standards using heavy-duty polyethene, making sure that your site is fully compliant.

Water Supply On-Demand

Water bowsers provide a readily accessible and reliable source of water wherever it is needed. Having a water bowser on site ensures that operations can continue smoothly without interruption due to water shortages.

Construction sites particularly benefit from on-demand water for things such as concrete mixing and dust control. Railway works and highway maintenance sites also benefit from having a dedicated water supply for tasks such as track cleaning and fire management.

Flexibility and Mobility

The portability of mobile water bowsers from Garic allows them to be easily transported to different locations on-site. This mobility is especially valuable in environments where water requirements might shift frequently. From sanitation to refilling equipment, bowsers can be moved to accommodate various needs.

Garic has a broad selection of mobile water bowsers that are fully towable for easy manoeuvrability both on public highways and on-site. Perfect for sites without mains water facilities, they can also complement the use of a static water tank by providing easy access to water when required.

Water Conservation 

Water is a precious resource, and conserving it is important. Water bowsers allow users to measure and manage the exact amount of water used, reducing wastage and promoting responsible water usage. Conserving water plays a vital role in protecting our ecosystems, and maintaining the viability of wetland habitats that provide a home for a wide range of animals.

With sustainability practices in mind, Garic offers its Solar IBC water tank, perfect for those who are looking for an eco-friendly system. An ideal solution for remote sites, this water tank is powered by a 325w solar panel system and operates without a generator.

Cost-saving and efficient

Investing in water bowsers can lead to long-term cost savings. Instead of relying on external water suppliers,  on-site water storage solutions from Garic eliminate the need for frequent water deliveries, transportation costs, and potential delays. This not only reduces operational expenses but also enhances project timelines and overall efficiency. Garic has a range of static water tanks that are a great cost-effective alternative to installing underground water pipes.

Prepared for emergencies

In emergency situations, having a reliable source of water is critical. Water bowsers can be pre-loaded and strategically positioned for quick access during emergencies. This can make a significant difference to on-site emergency procedures, ensuring a timely supply of water for first aid, fire outbreaks and other essential needs.

Why should you have a water bowser on-site?

Water bowsers offer a range of benefits that positively impact various industries and applications. From providing a consistent water supply to promoting mobility and flexibility, both mobile and static water tanks contribute to a smoother site operation.

For stationary applications such as welfare units and washing stations, the range of static water tanks from Garic serves as an excellent choice. On the other hand, if you require a versatile water source while on the move, Garics mobile water bowsers and jetter bowsers offer the perfect solution.

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