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Last updateThu, 16 Jun 2022 8am

Timloc Roofline Products added to the website

0n7065Timloc Building Products has been a UK manufacturer supplying the residential building industry for over 50 years. They design, manufacture and supply quality, sustainable building products from East Yorkshire. And Rainclear have now added the Timloc roofline range to their website for customers to buy securely online and receive the next day.

“Timloc is a carbon neutral manufacturer and over 75% of their product range is manufactured from recycled plastic. The roofline product range covers ventilation, ancillary and dry fix installation solutions – all made to last.

The recycled materials used originate from a variety of sources including plastic bottles, plastic trays and plastic car parts, such as bumpers and dashboards. And the raw material produced as a result of the recycling process is robust, versatile, and environmentally friendly.

The range we’re stocking for next day delivery includes the essential ancillary products required in roof structures, like ventilation systems for eaves and soffits and one-kit solutions for dry ridge and hip installations.”

Jason Moyce – Sales Executive at Rainclear Systems 

Why Rainclear trust Timloc products and you should too?

  • The roofline product range is independently tested to relevant standards
  • They are quality, reliable, and durable products
  • They offer time saving solutions to the roofing/roofline installation process
  • Their product data sheets and brochure are now available on the Rainclear Resources website
  • 100% of their electricity is now generated from renewable energy sources, electric cars have been added to their fleet, and they have invested in energy efficient machinery, all of which contribute to their carbon neutral status.
  • 70% of their packaging is produced from recycled materials and 100% of their packaging is recyclable.
  • Timloc Building Products and Rainclear Systems are both part of Alumasc Group Plc. Alumasc is a UK-based supplier of sustainable building products, systems. In November 2021, Alumasc Group plc received the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark. The Mark is given to companies and funds that derive more than 50% of revenues from environmental solutions. All Alumasc businesses have strong positions and brands in their individual specialist markets. 

The Timloc Roofline range


70mm diameter push-in soffit vent in 4 colours


Predominantly used in refurbishment, push-in soffit vents are a convenient method of providing ventilation through an existing soffit board.

Over fascia ventilation system


Multi-functional primary roof ventilation system supplied in 900mm lengths. Combining eaves protector/felt support and over fascia eaves vent in one convenient and easy to install unit. Available with or without integral eaves comb filler

Roll form eaves vent roll out rafter tray


Designed to maintain ventilation between insulation and roofing felt to prevent the build-up of condensation. Suitable for new build and refurbishment work.

Felt support tray


Suitable for new build and remedial work, the felt support trays are designed to prevent damage to roofing felt at the eaves of a roof and to replace worn or perished roofing felt.

Eaves comb filler


Easy to install eaves comb filler that effectively prevents the entry of birds and rodents beneath profiled roof tiles. A 55mm deep comb supplied in 1m lengths.

 Lap vent


Refurbishment ventilator for existing roof spaces to increase the level of ventilation in a roof space by separating lap joints in the roofing felt/membrane. Also a remedial solution for combating condensation in cold roof voids and can be fitted retrospectively after increased loft insulation.

 1m over fascia vent


Efficient and durable primary roof ventilator supplied in convenient 1m lengths.

 Universal slate ventilator


Universal slate ventilator and Pipe adaptor kit.

For use on new build and existing roof applications. Intended to replace one normal roof slate and suits slate sizes of either 610mm x 305mm or 510mm x 255mm.

Dry fix ridge and hip kits

6m roll out dry fix ridge kit


Convenient 1-pack mechanical fix solution for roof ridge installations. Designed for use with most types of slate, concrete, or clay roof ridge tiles. Suitable for use on new build and existing roof applications. Each pack contains: 1 x 6m vent roll membrane with self-adhesive flashing, 13 x fixing screws and clamping plates, 13 x ridge unions, 26 x ridge clips, and 10 x ridge batten straps.

Dry fix verge systems

Ambi-verge universal dry fix verge system for profiled roof tiles


Ambi-verge universal dry-fix verge & universal dry fix angled ridge end cap


Universal dry-fix half round ridge end cap & Ambi-verge eaves starter

The universal dry fix verge system for profiled roof tiles. A robust, attractive, and weather-resistant verge system alternative to wet mortar bedding.

You can find out more about these and all of Rainclear’s product ranges by visiting their brochures page: or visit to browse and buy them online now. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for or have questions call the friendly, knowledgeable team on 0800 644 44 26 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..