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Last updateTue, 09 Aug 2022 1pm

Supporting affordable housing in Clevedon

The redevelopment of vacant land in Clevedon, North Somerset is set to increase the supply of social housing in the town, as well as creating a desirable place where people want to live.

The Millcross site, which was formerly home to a Kwik Save convenience store, was purchased by Alliance Homes in 2020 through a partnering agreement with North Somerset Council. Plans have plans have since been announced for around 60 affordable homes to be built there, led by Alliance Homes.

The site had already been vacant for 10 years when SafeSite Facilities was called in to replace the rotting, timber hoarding around the site perimeter. The existing hoarding has been the subject of community tension due to its dilapidated condition, with one resident describing it as a “sight for sore eyes” in recent years.

SafeSite Facilities has installed 445 metres of dug in painted timber hoarding, bringing a new lease of life to the site, whilst planning permission for the development is being sought.

Commenting on the project, Sarah McQuatt, head of Land and New Business at Alliance Homes said: “We are delighted to be working with North Somerset Council to bring more affordable housing to Clevedon. With the site having been vacant for such a long time, the existing timber hoarding was no longer fit for purpose. Not only that but, quite understandably, its neglected state was causing consternation among some members of the local community. The installation of new timber hoarding will ensure the site remains safe and secure whilst plans for the new development are in progress whilst also reassuring residents that we care about their community.”

 “The new hoarding gives a clear signal that the Millcross site is being carefully maintained and monitored, providing a strong deterrent against intrusion and anti-social behaviour”, said Greig McGarva, Hire and Sales Team Leader, SafeSite Facilities.

“The addition of vehicle gates has also improved access control to the site, improving security boundaries”, McGarva added.

SafeSite Facilities only sources the timber for its hoardings from sustainable sources, and its Environmental Management System has been recognised as being compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001 certification, demonstrating the company’s commitment to reducing waste and protecting the environment.

McGarva continued: “We’re always looking for inventive ways to recycle our materials and much of the timber hoarding we replace and install in the South West region has been donated to the Bristol Wood Recycling Project (BRRP), when it is no longer required on site. This innovative social enterprise, led by volunteers, gives old materials a new lease of life. Any wood that cannot be repurposed is recycled into woodchip.”

The Millcross site in Clevedon was originally due to be redeveloped into a £13million community hospital by North Somerset primary care trust. Plans were abandoned due to increasing costs and the site lay vacant for a decade while the site was reassessed. The new back-to-back deal will see the site purchased by Alliance Homes from NHS Property, and a final scheme design created to benefit the local community.

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