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Last updateThu, 16 Jun 2022 8am

IT company awarded UK Oracle Solutions Provider of the Year 2016

Prōject (EU) Ltd, the Hemel Hempstead based IT company, has been nominated as the Business Excellence Awards as the UK Oracle Solutions Provider winner for 2016. Awarded by Acquisition International, this prestigious business excellence award recognises the leading organisation across the construction sector. 

“This was an incredibly exciting win for us,” Donna Butchart, MD of Project EU Ltd said. “We have been providing niche business analytics reporting to a number of major public and private sector organisations both locally and nationally. This award reflects our leading edge knowledge and expertise.

“Prōject has been pushing the boundaries of reporting to make it easier for operational teams to have the information they need quicker and easier in order to make business decisions effectively.”

One of the areas which gave Prōject a clear differentiator, was their cutting-edge approach to health and safety reporting using construction organisation’s existing IT systems. By looking at the categories being reported upon, existing systems can be adapted to transform the traditional health and safety reactive data into a forecasting tool. 

By eliminating siloed incident reporting (be it electrical safety, work at height or PPE) and pulling together different elements of categories (which if occurring in sequence) could result in a major incident, the organisation starts to get a far clearer picture around where a major incident might occur. Giving managers real-time visibility of their health and safety status, it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

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