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Last updateWed, 29 May 2024 2pm

New Products

Marshalls launches its commercial new products for 2015

Marshalls has launched a comprehensive new range of products proving it continues to lead the way in public realm innovations, supplying the highest quality materials.

The latest products from Marshalls, the UK's leading hard landscaping manufacturer, combine clever engineering and technology, with imaginative ways to save time and costs across all disciplines, from innovative paving options, to sustainable urban drainage systems and the very latest in creative street furniture solutions.

Paving and Concrete Block Paving

Myriad is Marshalls’ truly creative, new combined concrete block and flag textured paving which allows designers to create standout urban landscapes. The product is available in nine plan sizes and four colours, each 80mm thick, which can be used to create a vast array of laying patterns. Myriad is suitable for a variety of trafficking applications, making this the perfect choice for multi-functional spaces within modern, urban environments.

Renaissance is Marshalls’ first high-recycled concrete paving range manufactured using recycled aggregates to achieve a minimum of 80% recycled content. This product is ideal for schemes which require the highest environmental performance, without compromising on aesthetics. Available in three colour blends and two plan sizes, Renaissance will complement a variety of environmentally-focused commercial projects, including housing developments and educational landscapes. 

The popular Metrolinia range of textured concrete block and sett paving sees two new colour additions, City Mauve and City Blush. This ultra-contemporary paving system creates long, sleek lines ideal for the modern urban environment.

Blister concrete block tactile paving is a durable DDA compliant solution for crossing points available in three colours, Buff, Red and Charcoal, providing the necessary physical and visual indicators of a pending hazard.

Rail Scape Products

St George smooth ground flag paving was first developed for the London Underground. Using a distinctive mix of aggregates, St George paving is available in 28mm, 35mm and 50mm thicknesses which make it suitable for both internal and external use. It also offers a durable, smooth surface ground finish for ease of cleaning and is precision engineered to offer tighter tolerances for ease of installation.

Combined Coping and Tactile Unit, A100/B100 designed for the rail platform edge, is easier and quicker to install than the traditional two-part system and is cast with the lifting facility built in which offers faster productivity on site. It has been manufactured using an innovative combination of dual-pour concrete technology and fibre reinforcement.

Water Management solutions

Marshalls is uniquely equipped to provide both high-performance linear drainage and permeable water management solutions. These sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs) are designed to consider water quantity, water quality and the effects on biodiversity.

Pencil Edge Priora permeable paving has been developed to provide the ideal surface for car parks, cycleways or any areas which are predominantly used by wheeled traffic. The chamfer on the edge of the block has been minimised to provide a smooth, flat surface. This results in a quieter, smoother ride for wheeled traffic, while still providing excellent hydraulic and structural performance due to the patented Priora nib.

Priora Flag paving is large-sized permeable paving which comes in three plan sizes and two contrasting colours offering designers creative freedom. The product is ideal for pedestrian areas, but has been engineered and tested to withstand occasional heavy loading. This product can be manufactured using Noxer technology to improve the air quality in the area where it has been installed.

MT120 Filtration Textile is designed to improve the quality of the water discharged from a Priora system.

Four new grates have been added to the Birco Lite range. Birco Lite is a general purpose low capacity linear drainage system which combines a robust concrete channel with a wide aesthetic range of cast iron, stainless steel or galvanised grates.

Integrated Street Furniture

Marshalls offers a complete end-to-end solution for cycling infrastructure and in 2015 extends its Cyclescape portfolio with two new segregation units, designed to create safer cycle landscapes for experienced and beginner cyclists alike.

The Bristol Bollard by Marshalls is a permanent MTEC concrete heavy segregation unit designed to create safe cycleways. Initially specified by Bristol Council, the bollard features two reflective strips attached to Ferrocast inserts and can be used to create a protective barrier between cyclists and vehicles. The unit is available in a natural smooth grey finish as standard.

Marshalls’ new Cycle Segregation Unit is a versatile MTEC concrete product for segregating cycleways. The product is available in two sizes and comes in a Natural or Conservation kerb finish. The unit has been designed to integrate seamlessly into the landscape, available in four infil options: Scoutmoor Yorkstone, Fairstone Eclipse Granite, Natural Smooth Grey and Conservation Silver Grey.

Natural Stone

Marshalls has the largest range of UK-produced stone landscape products and decades of experience in importing natural stone from around the world. In 2015, Marshalls introduces a number of range additions that prove it is becoming the most innovative stone supplier in the country.

The new Cambrian range of sandstone carries Marshalls’ Fairstone trademark which ensures no child labour, safe working conditions and fair wages in the Indian quarrying sector. Cambrian sandstones are extremely strong and capable of carrying heavy loads, making them the ideal choice for mix-use areas.

Stonespar Cambrian sandstone allows for previously unseen stone paving design and style opportunities in our towns and cities which is supplied in crates and available in six attractive pre-designed colour blends to speed up installation. Each linear sandstone paving unit measures 600x130x65mm. Stonespar is extremely strong and suitable for trafficking applications. In 2015, two new colour blends, Nisha and Dava, have been added to the range.

For more information on Marshalls’ new products for the public realm and its full product portfolio visit:

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