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Last updateMon, 01 Jul 2024 10am

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Combisafe launches 'off the shelf' system

The market leading UBIX® Temporary Roofing System has been further enhanced with the introduction of a lightweight sheet which uses an innovative clamping system to eliminate the need for pre-formed pockets. The UBIX® Lightweight Sheet offers cost effective weather protection that doesn’t compromise on performance or safety.

Available in 60 metre full length rolls, the lightweight sheets can be supplied in widths of 2.57 metres and 3.07 metres – as well as other metric and imperial widths. Customers can order the entire 60 metre roll and cut it themselves as required, or they can specify the sheet lengths and COMBISAFE will pre-cut and concertina fold it ready to use. 

With safety paramount, the reduced sheet weight of just 0.45kg/m2 makes handling of the system even easier when working at height. And just like the original UBIX® keder sheets, the PVC-coated lightweight polyester sheets offer excellent UV and weather resistance, fire resistance and durability; tested to DIN 4102 – NFPA701, B1, M2.

At the heart of the new UBIX® Lightweight Sheet is the Lightweight Sheet Clamp, fitted with two pointed hex-headed bolts. Clamps are carefully positioned using the Lightweight Sheet Template with optional laser to ensure accurate installation and alignment of clamps. Customers can pilot the holes by using the template and a sharp retractable blade or simply push the pointed bolts through the sheet and then tighten securely. This ingenious system enables the clamps to be moved and reused should there be any changes to the roof or scaffolding configuration. 

The new UBIX® Lightweight Sheet has already been successfully used at the Williamson Research Centre, University of Manchester. “The sheet and clamp system proved quite easy to fit, and took just minutes to install one bay width,” said Karl Speed, Site Supervisor at Cheshire Scaffolds Ltd. “The concertina folding made pulling and fitting the sheet much easier.”

For a weatherproof, user-friendly temporary roof solution that will be delivered to site when you need it, the UBIX® Temporary Roof System from COMBISAFE is the perfect solution.