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Last updateThu, 09 May 2024 2pm

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Biometric finger print authentication for time-keeping in remote sites

Sometimes you need to be able to track personnel working hours and certification requirements accurately where the infrastructure required to run an access control system cannot be provided. In addition, ensuring the identity of personnel using biometrics, eliminating the possibility of fraudulent activity.  Herongrange, who provide security solutions for the construction industry, have come up with the answer.

According to the company:

"One of our clients had just that problem in front of them during a major construction project in Nottingham. Their site consisted of a 16km long passage from a city centre to the outskirts, cutting through roads, housing estates, rivers, etc, and meant a traditional site compound is not possible. Instead, they tackled this by setting up a main compound, several sub-compounds and many micro-sites through-out the length of the proposed route, right in the heart of suburbia. 

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New catalogue set to inspire specifiers

Heckmondwike FB has released a new catalogue containing its latest new designs and additions to its range of popular fibre bonded floorcoverings.

The new catalogue contains all Heckmondwike FB’s popular ranges of carpet and tiles, plus exciting new innovations added to its collection. 

Heckmondwike's range of entrance and transition areas has been enhanced with the addition of the popular indigo colour to every range, reflecting the latest design trends.  

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Scaffolding system brings key gains to contractors

The world’s largest system scaffolding manufacturer, Layher, is launching the next generation of its highly successful Allround® scaffolding system into the UK market.  

The introduction of Layher Allround® Lightweight (LW) combines proven performance with key benefits – ranging from lower weight and enhanced load bearing capacity, to an innovative ‘AutoLock Wedge-Head®’ function which, says the company, will provide greater safety and speed during both erection and use.

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New dual voltage Master heaters for UK market

Master Climate Solutions, a leading manufacturer of portable space heaters and dehumidifiers, has expanded its heaters range with the launch of new dual voltage devices dedicated to British customers.

Due to the high interest on UK market as well as a part of its commitment to offer innovative solutions adjusted to clients’ needs, Master Climate Solutions includes in the offer three new dual voltage indirect oil heaters: BV 77, BV 170 and BV 290. Additional improvements like stronger cone or waterproof plastic box for electrical components prove it is the most advanced range of indirect heaters now designed for professional users in many fields of construction industry, logistics and others.

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Combisafe delivers highest safety standards

Combisafe continues to break ground in the growing German construction market by supplying 24 Safety Net Fans for the construction of TaunusTurm – a 170 metre high development in the heart of Frankfurt’s financial district. 

Designed by Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg, the 40-storey concrete tower is being built by main contractor Ed. Züblin AG.  After protecting workers and pedestrians at Züblin’s recently completed headquarters building for European Central Bank, also in Frankfurt, Combisafe Safety Net Fans once again proved the ideal fall safety and high-rise protection solution.

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