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A&S International Ltd

The Old Brewery
2 Brewery Court, High Street
Contact Person: Angus Macdonald
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0118 930 4321 / 07798 600 578
Occupation: Lubrication Consultants

A&S International are a technical sales consultancy representing a variety of machinery lubrication brands via an experienced and qualified global network of distributors. The company has been a master distributor for Viper Wire Rope Lubricator Pty Ltd for more than a decade with 18 stocking distributors around the world. UK clients of the Viper WRL include crane hire companies, construction firms as well as ports and offshore oil and gas companies. 

Viper WRL Increases the Life of Wire Rope Assets By up to 300%

Viper WRL, an Australian owned company, manufactures and supplies wire rope lubrication equipment to the construction, marine, petrochemical, mining and manufacturing industries. 

The use of the Viper WRL system increases the life of wire rope assets by up to 300% compared to traditional lubrication methods. When used in place of manual lubrication the Viper can reduce relubrication time of ropes from several days to several hours whilst also providing a safer work environment. As the Viper delivers lubricant into the wire rope there is also an environmental benefit with less lubricant used and significantly less waste.

In recent years the company expanded operations with an additional workshop facility, increased its global distribution network to over 70 countries, increased personnel from 15 full time employees to 24, and increased sales by 32%.

Rodney Fitzpatrick, owner and managing director of Viper WRL said “The Viper Wire Rope Lubricator is now the world leader through continued innovations. The Viper not only provides major savings in equipment downtime but is a lot safer for workers and the environment.”

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Oil Spill Eater II: The Natural Solution

Oil Spill Eater II (OSE II) is the world’s most environmentally safe and cost effective bioremediation product for the mitigation of hazardous waste, spills and contamination.

OSE II is an environmentally safe clean-up method because it uses nature’s own bioremediation process to effectively eliminate hazardous materials.

OSE II is not a bacteria (bug), fertilizer or dispersant product. It is a biological enzyme that converts the waste into a natural food source for the native bacteria found in the environment. The end result is only CO2 and water.

OSE II will reduce clean-up costs and permanently eliminate the hazardous waste problem with no secondary clean-up required.

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imgSulNOxEco Diesel Conditioner

For treating diesel/biodiesel/HVO at 1:2,000 to achieve 8% fuel savings & 30% immediate reduction in CO2 emissions and 60% reduction in PM2.5.

Taking you further, faster and cleaner

Reducing global emissions and creating fuel efficiencies through unique, game-changing products for fuel conditioning emulsification and stabilisation.

Immediate cost and emission reductions for hydrocarbon fuels!

These products are game-changing on the use and impact of fuels in industry and commercial transport.

Delivering immediately, both improved performance AND huge ecological benefits, they represent a unique and rewarding opportunity for business.

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