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Last updateFri, 15 Feb 2019 2pm

Barry Ashmore talks about ‘The long wait for payment’ on Radio 4’s ‘Money Box Live’

StreetwiseSubbie managing director, Barry Ashmore, was an invited guest on this week’s ‘Money Box Live’ on BBC Radio 4.

Following the liquidation of Carillion, the programme investigated payment problems, not only in construction, but in other sectors, including digital marketing and retail.

Interviewed by presenter Louise Cooper, Ashmore outlined the problems facing specialist contractors in construction, both in regard to getting paid and contractually too. 

He explained: “A lot of Tier 1 contractors, such as Carillion, have long since lost the ability to make profits from what they do. They have to suck in cash by not paying people and use this to cover the fact that they’re not profitable. The unscrupulous use the complexities of the Construction Act to their advantage.” 

When asked what advice he would give to specialist contractors, he said: “Be extremely careful about the terms and conditions you are signing up to and what you are getting into”, and explained that StreetwiseSubbie had produced a free download advice sheet for people affected by the Carillion liquidation. This is available from the Home page of the website at

Rounding the programme off, the interviewer asked speakers for their top tips in regard to companies protecting themselves when working with the large contracting companies.

Barry Ashmore told listeners that they should:

  1. Make sure you have a copy of the terms and conditions; make sure you understand them and apply the rules, whatever it is you have to do.  
  2. Do not just accept vagueness. Don’t just start work unless you know exactly what basis you are starting work on and if you’re not getting paid, you must take action sooner rather than later. 
  3. Remember, payment problems do not get better the longer you leave them. Escalate, don’t procrastinate!

You can hear a full replay of the ‘Money Box Live’ programme which was broadcast at 3:00pm Wednesday 24th January 2014 on the BBC radio iPlayer at

For more information about how StreetwiseSubbie can help specialist contractors get out and stay of trouble regarding payments and other contractual issues, visit the StreetwiseSubbie website or call 01773 712116