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Last updateWed, 11 Jul 2018 10am

Up, up and away! New ride expands families’ experience of thrill rides

This summer Woodlands Family Theme Park in Devon has issued a challenge to its visitors – if they choose to accept! The challenge is a brand new ride unlike any other the park has offered to its many visitors: Vertigo.

Imported from Italy, the ride involves riders blasting into the sky while spinning out of control with their hands in the air. It is a variation of the Spring Ride 12 Rotation ride from Moser Rides of Mantua. The ride has a circular gondola with 12 seats and a rotating tower.

Upgrades to the ride, including bucket seats and better safety harnesses, has enabled Moser Rides to increase its safety rating so that it can be used by smaller children. As a result the thrill of the ride can be experienced by children of 96cm accompanied and 106cm unaccompanied – compared to 110cm for similar rides at the park.

That allows the park operators to expand their philosophy of providing mixed rides at the various ‘zones’ on the site – the new Vertigo ride is in its Sea Monster zone. That means whole families can find rides appropriate to different members without having to split up.

Providing that new experience has involved some serious engineering. The ride came as a modular structure from Italy, with the main tower arriving in a single element on a low-loader. The subsequent task of craning it into an upright position provided its own challenges.

The job of assembling the ride was made easier by the presence on site of a team from Moser Rides themselves, overseeing the installation. That enabled the ride to be constructed in only two days.

Local companies were involved at various stages, in particular constructing the steel base for the entire installation. Finishing touches include colour-coded tarmac in red.

Vertigo was successfully installed and operational in time for a flurry of activities over the summer, leading to the influx of young thrill-seekers following end of term in July.

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