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Last updateThu, 14 May 2020 1pm

Do complete building surveys on a mobile device of your choice

OrthoGraph I’s core functionalities are available on iOS and Android mobile platforms, for free

17 October 2016, Budapest, Hungary - Have you ever thought about managing a complete building survey on a mobile device of your choice? Can you imagine a professional floor plan, which was created on your smartphone? Do you want to make building surveys faster, than ever?

Forget paper and pencil, and inaccurate drawings with too much information on them. Just use your iOS or Android device, OrthoGraph I, and your hands to make a professional building survey. 

OrthoGraph I is extremely effective when combined with Leica DISTO D2, which is the best DISTO choice for indoor measurements: small size with high-performance and flip-out end piece. This device allows you to measure all corners and diagonals with speed and the highest accuracy. 

Make a complete building survey even on your smartphone, get all calculations on-site, and export your work with a click!

Draw and set walls with simple touches, measure walls, diagonals as you go, and get calculations on site easily. Save yourself from the long hours of manually loading your survey results into your CAD software - as OrthoGraph I is compatible with most CAD platforms. You no longer need to worry about data loss! By using OrthoGraph I, you build BIM models - which can be exported into the main large scale desktop file formats (IFC, DXF) - with just a simple touch. Then seamlessly email these results to your desktop or onwards to clients and other stakeholders. It’s all there in your mobile device with OrthoGraph I. 

OrthoGraph I ’s unique measurement technology has been completely redeveloped!

The software has always handled all measurement data - such as wall lengths, diagonals, openings with position and properties - in a unique, comfortable way. Now, as the program’s survey engine has been evolved, you can expect new parameters to aid your work. Rooms can now be easily merged together - even if they were sketched and measured separately; simply position (move) rooms side-by-side and they will automatically snap to their proper position. The updating of measurements is not only further improved, they are faster as well.  

Connect a compatible Leica laser distance meter to make your work fast and more accurate: Leica DISTO D2 is compact, lightweight and powerful, a great tool for every OrthoGraph user. When this device is paired with OrthoGraph I you won’t need another colleague any longer - work quickly and independently. 

Try OrthoGraph I’s newest technologies and create floor plans from the simple to the most complex. 

OrthoGraph I for free!

OrthoGraph I’s full drawing and measurement functionality is free – sketch rooms, make measurements, furnish your floor plan, even preview your plans quickly in 3D.

From now on, you only need to pay for the work results: project saving, on-site reports, and 3D walkthroughs. Choose the weekly ticket, or subscribe to the monthly or annual plan. 

Are you curious about the app? 

Take part in our webinar and see how the application works. You can also get a chance to win a Leica Disto with an OrthoGraphI-ARCHLine.XP package. 


How can you get the app?

Visit where all download and licensing information is available.

Do you already have an OrthoGraph FloorPlan license or OrthoGraph Cloud subscription, but you want to upgrade to OrthoGraph I? Visit for further information.

Use the most versatile technology to make fast and accurate building surveys!