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Last updateWed, 14 Apr 2021 3pm

How to give a home a new lease of life and save on stunning windows

As the UK looks to another scorching summer, one expert; Jay Parlane reveals a shortcut to saving on stunning windows.

Predictions for a heat wave have been bandied around recently and temperatures are hotting up. Whilst this is great news for sun worshippers, UV damage is one of the biggest reasons for causing uPVC windows and doors to discolour and fade. As home prices continue to soar, uPVC expert Jay Parlane advised homeowners to consider refurbishing their windows. "Many people don't realise that uPVC actually has a fairly short life span of about 20 years. The sun can damage its appearance, but it's nothing that a re-spray won't fix."

Managing Director of uPVC Painters, Jay Parlane set up the company to help reduce the cost of fixing up exteriors. As the Managing Director of sister company Sublime Decor, Mr. Parlane is well versed in all things decorating and leads the team to using a special re-spray technique to breathe new life into sun damaged uPVC.  

As a result, clients benefit from gleaming frames for windows, doors and conservatories in a range of colours. 

Traditionally, uPVC has always been white, but since the technique is a re-spray, there is no limit to the choice of colour available. As well as having a quick impact on the look of the home, it adds value to have fantastic looking fascias, windows and doors. More durable than the original uPVC, the reconditioned exteriors are guaranteed to extend the tired and old uPVC's life for up to 10 years.

As an alternative to a total refit, this refurbishing technique is not only cost effective but also a massive time saver. Replacing the days of workmen wandering the walls of the home, homeowners can benefit from the reduced disruption to their routine with this minimum fuss technique. Doors and windows are left in-situ, meaning no awkward adverse weather impact. Jay said, "the teams are trained to be meticulous in their masking, ensuring not a drop of paint will be misplaced."

As the UK looks to improve its environmental standing worldwide; reconditioning products means those opting to use uPVC Painters are doing their bit for the environment too. Parlane said, "In our grandparents' time, nothing was discarded. Products were built to last and when they showed signs of ageing, they'd be mended. 

Nowadays society has developed a throwaway attitude to household items. Re-spraying uPVC makes it as good as new."


uPVC painters recondition existing uPVC exteriors using a specialist spray paint. With expert teams across the UK, their clients have ordered services from Edinburgh to Essex.

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